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Is mycophenolate mofetil-oral safe to take if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding? You may need blood tests to check your liver function. To view content sources and attributions, please refer to our editorial policy.

Avoid exposure to sunlight or tanning beds.

Important information

Genentech does not recommend and does not endorse the content on any third-party websites. If you are a woman of child-bearing potentialyou will be required to use birth control.

These malformations are similar to findings in animal reproductive toxicology studies. Patients receiving CellCept alone or as part of an immunosuppressive regimen are at increased risk of developing lymphomas and other malignancies, particularly of the skin see WARNINGS: The dose of CellCept depends on the type of transplant performed.

If you would like more information, talk with your doctor. Use the missed dose as soon as you remember.

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It belongs to a class of medications called immunosuppressants. Safety data are summarized below for all active-controlled trials in renal 2 trialscardiac 1 trialand hepatic 1 trial transplant patients.

You should have one pregnancy test immediately before starting CellCept and another pregnancy test 8 to 10 days later.

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Although this medicine can affect pregnancy or fertility, it is sometimes given to women who are unable to use other needed transplant medications. Surgical approaches include various versions of hair transplantation taking hair from the back and putting it near the front or Although patients with delayed graft function have a higher incidence of certain adverse events anemiathrombocytopeniahyperkalemia than patients without delayed graft function, these events were not more frequent in patients receiving CellCept than azathioprine or placebo.

Quick Guide Prescription Drug Abuse: This list is not complete.

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See a picture of the Kidneys and learn more about the health In the placebo-controlled renal transplant study, the same pattern of opportunistic infection was observed compared to the azathioprine-controlled renal studies, with a notably lower incidence of the following: Cirrhosis Liver Cirrhosis of the liver refers to a disease in which normal liver cells are replaced by scar tissue caused by alcohol and viral Talk with your doctor if you have any questions about your health problems or treatment.

Follow all directions on your prescription label. Liver cancer may not cause any symptoms. Myasthenia gravis, a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease.