Lamotrigine solubility enhancement

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Further, drugs exhibiting satisfactory absorption from the oral mucosa or intended for immediate pharmacological action can be advantageously formulated in these dosage forms. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology.

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The angle of repose was found to be in range Table 4. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Please note that this site is currently undergoing Beta testing.

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Radius of the heap was measured and angle of repose was calculated using the following formula: It can be defined as the force required per unit area to break the tablet. To meet these medical needs, formulators have devoted considerable efforts to develop an innovative dosage form known as orally disintegrating tablet ODT [ 3 ]. The main effects and represent the average result of changing 1 factor at a time from its low to high value.

The amounts of SSG sodium starch glycolate and the amount of crospovidone were selected as independent variables. So it was concluded that optimization helps in selecting the appropriate amount of dependent variables to achieve the required goal. The low aqueous solubility of lamotrigine 0. By taking into account all these aspects it was planned to formulate orally disintegrating tablets containing solid dispersion of lamotrigine because orally disintegrating systems become more popular than other oral drug delivery systems due to the highest component of compliance they offered to the patients, especially to the geriatrics and pediatrics.

The dissolution studies of pure lamotrigine are performed similarly.

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You have just completed your registration at OpenAire. From the evaluation of the parameters of the various batches of the ODTs it was clear that both superdisintegrants decrease the disintegration time but crospovidone showed more stronger affect than SSG; secondly it produced mechanically harder tablets than SSG. The various pre- and postcompression parameters of blend and tablets, respectively, are shown in Tables 4 and 5. Nine formulations were developed with different ratios of superdisintegrating agents.

Elderly and pediatric patients and traveling patients who may not have ready access to water generally need easy swallowing dosage forms. Academic PressMar 30, - Medical - pages. The drug content of solid dispersion LP1—LB3 was found to be from The data clearly indicated that the disintegration time, wetting time, and percentage friability are strongly dependent on the selected independent variables. A major claim of the some ODTs is increased bioavailability compared to traditional tablets [ 4 ].

The friability is determined by the following formula [ 19 ]: Hausner ratio HR is an indirect index of ease of powder flow. This organizational structure meets the needs of the pharmaceutical community and allows for the development of a timely vehicle for publishing review materials on this topic. Cyclodextrins and Their Inclusion Complexes.

On the basis of solubility studies, it was found that PEG has a more pronounced effect on increasing the solubility of lamotrigine as compared to PEG