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Yaz has killed several people in the past, do check ups regularly in order to avoid blood clotting!

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But every time I change pills, I get a bit of a sexual boost. Does anyone have any experience using AlesseOrsythia, or another ultra low dose birth control? For the past 5 months or so I have noticed an increase in the decrease of libido. My thyroid levels are normal as ive bn on medicine for it the last 3 years!

It's not stress because I feel fine about my life. It began when I was 20 years old, and now I am 23, and have been off birth control for over a year. If you want even more, consider my Fix Your Period Week Program to jumpstart your hormonal health.

My only issue is that I have no idea what to try next. I am taking dhea and pregnonlone drops, herbs, vitamins and finally feel like I used to feel. Please be very cautious before trying any hormonal birth control, I know stats say that the chances to get clots are small, but I feel that reality is different. I feel the same way about my boyfriend as you do and I'm ready for some really fun times.

Arielle January 29, at 3: I was on Yaz and it did the same thing but killed my sex drive.

Is the pill behind your low sex drive?

I'm sure that's just from the change and it will get better! I decided I'd much rather use condoms than deal with the effects of the pill.

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Sports open sub categories. I'm on the off-brand of Seasonique now and I have a high sex drive.

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I think more people suffer from it then the company thinks. Not good for your lovely libido.

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Now, I am 35 and I am not with my husband anymore, I completely stopped the pill and my libido is still not there. We found 20 discussions. I actually think I might be getting on his nerves when I'm "ready to go" all the time now.

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Thanks for the great article Nicole! Norinyl has a balanced androgen level and it will not hurt your sex drive. Within the first 24hrs I developed a headache. For example, using the triphasic birth-control pill, which releases different levels of hormones throughout the month, may have less impact on drive.