Will ibuprofen help sciatic nerve pain

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What Are Sciatica Risk Factors? Sciatic nerve pain is caused by compression of the nerve roots.

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Tracy wrote on July 5, - 8: You will know soon what mri scan shows. Cancer Support Smartphone Health Apps.

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But a well- balanced diet -- with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains -- help to ensure that you're getting the nutrients you need. Please enter a valid email address.

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Gloria wrote on August 1, - Hello, yes I agree, I think dependence on any type of medication without being properly prescribed by your doctor isn't really good. Alternating lying down with short walks.

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Each is somewhat different and it is always advisable to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each with a physician or pharmacist. It goes down through the buttock, then its branches extend down the back of the leg to the ankle and foot.

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There's no special eating plan for nerve pain. Hi Angie, Sorry for your pain.

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How to Treat a Pinched Sciatic Nerve. The ice cup is then applied directly to the skin, usually in a circular motion over the course of the painful area.

Catherine Burt Driver, MD. Additional treatment for sciatica depends on what is causing the nerve irritation. The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. Davee3 October 13, It begins in the spinal cord and runs down the legs, although it typically affects just one leg when flare-ups begin.

Pain may result from a variety of conditions, including disc problems. Notice All discussions and comments that contain an external URL will be automatically moved to the spam queue.

Leg Pain and Numbness: Sciatic Nerve and Sciatica. The type of medication you choose is completely up to you, but acetaminophen Tylenol relieves only the pain, while ibuprofen Advil relieves both inflammation and pain. Sciatica - Symptoms What were the symptoms of your sciatica? Sciatica Causes and Treatments Video.