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I am a huge opiate fan and does lots of oxycodone percs, roxi, oxys. View all 7 comments Add your Comment. Yea but are you still on the suboxone? I dont feel addicted but I do feel I depend on them. Everyone responds to pain differently.

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Some more than others, but no one is perfect. Oxycontin Oxycodone Prescription only.

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Hydrocodone also comes with Tylenol and the brand name is Vicodin and it too is a Synthetic. These are both prescription medications, so your doctor will decide which one would be best for you based on your symptoms and the cause of your pain.

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I know I have a problem, but I cant do something about it right now. I hope when you are my age you have no regrets. Answer this Question Report Favorite. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information - verify here.

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I hope this helps you, both drugs can cause drowsiness a lot depends on the person, each of us is different. Hmm, still a little strange.

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I hope you find good relief from your pain. Best wishes, Lara Hi pal! Dependence and addiction can occur with codeine, even at prescribed dosages when taken over long periods.

Need be weaned slowly off the medicine after using it longer than two weeks. You feel almost no pain afterwards and very euphoric. No nausea or stomach issues that the norcos gave me,its a stronger drug but i have been through opiate withdrawal at least 5 times,the only time it was bad was when i was taking this past time before i got the oxycodone i was on the Norcos for 5 months taking the 8 a day everyday never more never less,but my physical symptoms only lasted 2 days,where as when i tried to stop my xanax to prove a point for 7 days,after 2 days i was having seizures and almost died,benzos are alot worse to withdraw from then opiates.

I usually take mg of oxycodone. View latest questions Search for answers Ask a question. When people have pain, they can take a medication such as oxycodone or codeine. The 60 and 80 tablets or single doses greater than 40 mg should only be used by patients who have been using opioids and have become tolerant to opioid therapy. Back pain conditions are very common.

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Foods to Help You Concentrate. You've most likely consumed the codeine by now, but I still want to add a word of caution.