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Using Zyban is pretty simple: If you are thinking of using Zyban, reading this page is important. And when those cravings start to mount, a live virtual support group will be there to help. Varenicline, marketed as Chantix, is the other.

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Either way, I'd discuss it and Wellbutrin with your doctor to figure out what's most appropriate for you, but keep an open mind. Compare all 22 medications used in the treatment of Smoking Cessation. Smoking cessation guidelines for health professionals: I hate spam, you hate spam, and we won't do it.

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Bupropion should be initiated while the patient is still smoking, since approximately 1 week of treatment is required to achieve steady-state blood levels. Tolerance does not develop to the decrease in nicotine self-administration produced by repeated bupropion administration.

It's weird but it's just like a quick thought that pops up and then you are like nope not today and its over with.

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The Foundation for a Smokefree America. I mention this here because it's important to understand what the word 'effective' means when it comes to quit smoking medications, including bupropion. Bupropion is more notably associated with risk of seizures. Dietcokemom September 15, Nortriptyline and bupropion have been shown to be equally effective for smoking cessation Hall et al but interestingly clonidine and nortriptyline are not licensed for smoking cessation in many western countries Corelli et al Originally Posted by behindblueeyes View Post.

Bupropion exerts its main mechanism of action through dopamine and noradrenalin reuptake inhibition with little serotonergic effect Warner et al Bupropion was developed as an antidepressant for the treatment of major depressive disorder in as a thrice-daily immediate release formulation Fava The bottom line is, to increase your chances of quitting successfully, you'll need to combine whatever you choose with the best quit smoking plan or program you can find.

Bupropion for major depressive disorder: A Note About Effectiveness The most effective of all of the stop smoking aids or drugs have shown about a 'doubling' effect. What is the difference between Wellbutrin and its generic Bupropion?


As much as we'd all like it to be, bupropion is not a 'magic pill' for quitting smoking. Should I stop taking this medication soon?

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Feelings of unhappiness or depression. It does not matter what road is taken, but that you reach your final destination of being tobacco-free!! I've been smoking 17 years started smoking at age 11 I'm now