Lamictal birth control efficacy

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Combined Hormonal Contraceptives

The patient was apparently told by the pharmacist that the lamotrigine could cause her oral contraceptive to lose its effectiveness. It seems reasonable to suggest that patients not stop oral contraceptives while starting lamotrigine; that is, in the first weeks while working the dose upwards.

See My Options close. There is convincing clinical evidence that combined OCs containing ethinyl estradiol can substantially reduce lamotrigine plasma concentrations, thus increasing the risk of seizures. Intervention by the pharmacist can include making recommendations about contraceptive options, advising on therapeutic drug concentration monitoring, and increasing awareness among patients and prescribers. Injectable long-acting progestin depot medroxyprogesterone acetate [Depo-Provera] is an appropriate contraceptive option for women with sickle cell disease and has been shown to reduce painful crises.

We would want to lean in the direction of great caution on this one. This content is owned by the AAFP.

Interaction With Hormonal Contraception

However, women with seizure disorders are an exception. Cardiovascular disease and steroid hormone contraception. What Data Support the Interaction?

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It's a good idea for women with epilepsy who are of childbearing age to start taking 0. Haider S, Darney PD. Implanon has been shown to be beneficial in women with dysmenorrhea. Read the full article. Efficacy of a new low-dose oral contraceptive with drospirenone in premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Reprints are not available from the authors. OCPs appear to be safe in women with stable or inactive systemic lupus erythematosus who do not have antiphospholipid antibodies.

Preliminary evidence suggests that, unlike ethinyl estradiol, progestogens do not interact with lamotrigine, so using progestogen-only contraception may prove to be a method of avoiding the interaction. For example, in a study at an urban epilepsy center, 50 percent of women experienced unplanned pregnancies.

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In this unusual interaction, oral contraceptives act as the precipitant rather than the object drug. Which contraception for women with epilepsy?

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How well does the Today Sponge prevent pregnancy? Accessed July 7, Contraceptive failure may be responsible for up to one in four unplanned pregnancies in women with epilepsy.