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Oral ivermectin is effective but multiple doses plus topical agents may be required.

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Related Challenge See related Challenge and other articles in the series. Word Consulting Group provided copy editing support, assistance with charts, and verification of accuracy. Sean Carlson and Jeremy Bordeaux. For the primary end-point comparison, the Cochran—Mantel—Haenszel test with adjustment for study site was used, with use of the last-observation-carried-forward method of imputation for missing data; treatment-failure imputation for missing data was used as a sensitivity analysis.

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The various topical agents that are used in the treatment of scabies are summarised in box 3 drugs that are not used now are not listed. The problem of lindane.

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British Journal of Dermatology Certain principles have to be followed to treat patients successfully and are summarised in box 1. Int J Dermatol ; The incubation period of scabies is three weeks.

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The gamma isomer of hexachlorcyclohexane in the treatment of scabies. Full Text of Results However, all these reports are in children or infants with overexposure or an altered skin barrier which increases lindane absorption. J Acad Dermatol ; It is very effective, safe to use, cheap, and convenient.

No household member was included unless he or she was found to be infested with at least one live louse.

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Have a follow up at one and four weeks after treatment. A cure is obtained after a mean treatment of three weeks. A single six hour application is effective in treatment of scabies. The mainstay of treatment is topical scabicidal agents.

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Crotamiton cream and lotion in the treatment of infants with scabies. Efficacy and tolerance of oral ivermectin in scabies.

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It is characterised by psoriasiform or warty lesions accompanied by nail hyperkeratosis and patients complain of minimal itching. Two reports suggested that a single topical application might have potential for treating infestations, but final assessments were inadequate to determine the degree of efficacy or the possibility of reinfestations from the hatching of louse eggs present at the time of application.

Arch Intern Med ; It can be avoided if the instructions are clearly followed.