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A retrospective analysis showed that captopril reduced recurrent infarcts and cardiac revascularisation procedures neither were target criteria of the study.

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Frequency is defined using the following convention: Hypertension Alone or with Thiazide Initial: Give old medicines to your pharmacist to dispose of. Hypertension alone or with thiazide Initial: Print with Office Info.

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Make sure that you always have enough medicine. Another large, placebo-controlled study in patients with myocardial infarction showed that captopril given within 24 hours of the event and for a duration of one month significantly reduced overall mortality after 5 weeks compared to placebo.

Daily starting dose mg. In general there were no clinically relevant changes in renal plasma flow or glomerular filtration rate. If hypotension develops, the patient should be placed in a supine position. The recommended dose is mg daily in divided doses. ACE inhibitors should not be initiated during pregnancy.

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However, medicines can be used in different ways for different patients. Captopril should be used with extreme caution in patients with pre-existing impaired renal function, collagen vascular disease, immunosuppressant therapy, treatment with allopurinol or procainamide, or a combination of these complicating factors.

The blood pressure lowering effects of captopril and thiazide-type diuretics are additive. In the report of twelve women taking oral captopril mg 3 times daily, the average peak milk level was 4.

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Volume repletion with intravenous normal saline may be required. In patients with impaired renal function, the following daily dose may be recommended to avoid accumulation of captopril.

Tell your doctor and pharmacist about any other medicines that your child is taking before starting captopril. Hypertensive Emergency hydralazineenalaprilnifedipinelabetalolcaptoprilVasotecMore It is important that you ask the advice of your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure about something. Tier Description 1 This drug is available at the lowest co-pay.

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Only give this medicine to your child. Captopril has been safely co-administered with other commonly used anti-hypertensive agents e. This restriction typically limits the quantity of the drug that will be covered.

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How much should I give? When concomitant diuretic therapy is required, a loop diuretic e.