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Fiona Steel is online now Get an Answer Continue. Using a drug in any manner that is not specified on the manufacturer's label must meet the requirements of "extra-label" drug use before it can be used. Always follow label instructions. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

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Copper oxide wire partices. Intramuscular injections should be given in the neck muscle. While it is not recommended that treatment be withheld from a clinically parasitized animal, if it is treated, it cannot be sold as certified organic, even if proper or extended withdrawal periods are observed.

In my opinion I dont think I'd keep a sheep if it needed daily pain relief to feel comfortable and it looked like things would never improve - but then I have never faced that dilemma and a dilemma it must be.

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My dog has a bit of a temperature and is breathing heavily. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesia NSAID -- Note that prolonged use my cause renal, gastrointestinal, or other problems Carprofen 1.

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Web sites like justanswer. If the sheep is better on this and if you can afford it ask your vet for a prescription, they are legally bound to give it to you how much they charge though is another thing.

He has had muscle spasms before, but this.

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He came within an hour and by then we had her in her stable. Drug use in sheep A drug is a product used to treat or prevent an illness. Causes the regression of the corpus luteum in cattle. As compared to cattle, horses, and swine, fewer drugs are approved by FDA for use in sheep. Prevent and treat iron deficiency in baby pigs.

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But I do know that for 11 months after she first showed signs of limping she lived a happy life, doing what she liked to do. You have to be very careful with ruminants and medications. It can be mixed in the feed or milk replacer. I have a small flock of mixed sheep who are basically pets. To rehydrate sick animals. Andy Medical Director 16, satisfied customers.

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Sharps Sharps should be properly disposed of. August 04, They are spoilt, pampered and cost us a small fortune but we get immense pleasure from them, love spending time with them and always try to do the best for them.

Withdrawal periods may be different for milk and in some cases, the product may not be approved for use in dairy females.