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When I was prescribed my directions were to wait at least two weeks before changing the dosage. Oh, and more personally if that's possiblethings seem to be worse at night There might be some effect immediately especially side effectsbut it often takes a very long time for the drug to begin to affect depression.

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The new, and more problematic side effect I'm getting is really, really terrible gas. But, once I quit taking it, I ended up smoking again ugh I've been taking mg for a couple of months now. Information is for End User's use only and may not be sold, redistributed or otherwise used for commercial purposes. I would discuss these symtpoms wiith the doctor.

I was fucking scared of what I had become, worse than the perpetually cranky Adderall junkie from last year. To me, it sounds like you are getting a theraputic effect from this drug, which is pretty good luck considering its the first anti-depressant you've tried.

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Available for Android and iOS devices. Also, going to the washroom doesn't ever fully negate the rumbling or gassiness, rarely maybe, but at this point it's a daylong issue! Without the amphetamines I notice no difference in my ability to concentrate, but without Buproprion I get very little from the amphetamines. Side effects of Wellbutrin XL may include: All the best, maso.

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If you haven't tried the XL extended release, I recommend giving it a go. A Noob's Guide to Wellbutrin May 14, 9: I can't point out a difference. I periodically, like every couple of months, take mg of Prozac for a few days, to pull myself out of a hole that bootstraps, alchy, and reason can't get into. If it's really bad to the point of losing weight etc then Id suggest stop otherwise Id wait it out.

Thanks for the help. And wonders of wonders, it totally works. I noticed sleep disturbances in the form of waking up too early in the morning. In clinical trials, the U. I still have some diarrhea but at least I'm not uncomfortable Related Resources for Wellbutrin SR.