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I never got high off the drug like some have said.

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Can anyone advise me if this is a knowin issue They are worse then what the medicine was given for It is sold in the United States under the trade name Neurontin. Not sure if I should start taking the pill. I also take Methotrexate 4 tablets weekly.

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I have been in recovery for 20 years this month for drug addiction so I was so happy to find something safe I could take. Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Now that I'm on both it's a little hard to distinguish between the two but I think in my case, there should be a warning on the RX bottle about operating machinery or driving. From what I see, the medication is taken every 8 hours, however I believe it to be more effective every 6 hours 4x daily. I'm suppose to take two 3 times per day, but I take 1 or 2 once or twice a day.

This is a wonderful drug for me. I been prescribed Gabapentin mg caps for my neuropathy. This morning I was fine and have had no side effects today at all apart from a slight headache this morning. Then the withdrawals off the non addictive I have been talking gapapentin mg capsuels twice a day been takin these since 14th jan this year i feel bad i keep vomiting bad head aches i cant seem to shift i feel very run down and teary burning things i dont feel like this is how i should be cant sleep in and out of bed all night just had enough i suffer with what they call degenerative changes in the bottom of my spine and my kneck there is no cure i no.

I have dizziness when I bend over or just turning around to look behind me.

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You can email me at: Last reply 5 November at I have pain in my right hand,the thumb,first finger, second finger, and third finger. Give it a shot, you may really find great pain relief from this medication!

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Hope you all had a lovelly day and managed to stay in control. Hi, I took Gabapentin for my neuropathy and didn't get any major side effects, but didn't get any relief from the pain either. I apologize if I am wrong; I don't mean to scare anyone.

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I can tell that Kaismama seems to be the one to go to for all the right answers!! Now they are barely noticeable.

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