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My acne did get worse before better, but then I had just started the blast also and since Im so acne prone, hard to say if accutane or test caused excess breakout at the start. I have made some solid gains, about 8kgs 77 to 85 and leaned out in the process. Among bodybuilders, the dosage should be conservative.

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I'm having no side effects at this dosage and my skin feels dry and smooth. Posts 4, Blog Entries 1. Remember less is more with this medication due to its strength. The fact remains that statistically, you are less likely to commit suicide while taking accutane than if you have never taken it.

Yeah it started out like that, the spots looked as though they were drying out and fading after a couple of days but now they seem do have stopped?

Thats what I will do doing, wont be prescribed to me but i have some roche caps. Had acne pretty bad, think i weighed around kg at the time, dose started at 60mg ed initally and went up mg ed eventually, but that got dropped to 80mg, as was having nose bleeds and lips were splitting like crazy.

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Running it my next cycle. I know you could counter this point and say this would be the same for AAS, but adding accutane to the equation is a danger in itself IMO. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Without accutane, I would probably be housebound with pizza face acne. I wasn't cycling then, nor am I know, but I have 20mg on hand as well because I plan to start soon. Posted February 14, edited.

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I started taking 20mg a day a month ago because the lower dose also are pretty effective with minimal sides. In addition, it is used in rare cases for certain skin cancers and skin diseases. I didn't have one single breakout, about 3 or 4 spots in total, 2 of which were on my back.

Don't have an account? Thats a very effective dose for the majority of people when taken for months. Seldom drink alcohol i mean High albumin, protein, and Originally Posted by E Police Please disclose guesses and unproven conclusions.

But my point remains: What do we do when we're loaded with acne and don't want to take our shirts off at the beach? I researched low dose accutane therapy at great length. Register Help Members Login.