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I did take the Mylan before and they was not too bad. Rhodes or Endo - as those are the only choices I have for right now, I'd greatly appreciate it. Updated 4 years ago in Endocet.

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Sun, Dec 31 '06, 8: Somebody going to get somebody hurt giving this false information. Freaking garbage man smh Not all companies use a logo, but in the cases you mentioned, the IP stands for IntraPharm Laboratories and the M stands for Mallinckrodt pharmaceuticals. This has been a horrible month for me. It isn't stronger, just no acetaminophen.

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They are round and are yellow. The difference is the inactive ingredients or fillers.

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Fri, Sep 29 '17, 9: Some people may also be more sensitive to different inactive ing I find this to be unbelievably irresponsible of you and your associate manufacturers. Hope this info helps. I have four children and four grandchildren and the depression is not from the medication. Does anyone else have any ideas or advice?

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If the brand has 10 mg of Oxy then the generic by law has 10 mg of Oxy. Well first of all, the colors of pills are not proprietary, so not all Percocets are yellow, the only way to tell what it is, is to look up the imprint code. I would certainly ask your pharmacist FIRST for a list of all inert ingredients for each generic medication, to ensure you won't have an adverse, allergic or life threatening reaction to the medication.

Unfortunately, neither the pharmacy nor the manufacturer is likely to do anything. Pill Image This has the same ingredients as Percocet, but this is actually a branded pill itself called Roxicet. I'm generally pro generic but I recognize that it's possible to react differently to them for whatever the reason and yes, fillers do make a difference.

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The other ones all the white ones make me sick and give me a terrible headache View all 9 comments Add your Comment. I also learned that the FDA does not do quality control checks on generics and that they will act if they get enough complaints. For verification, this particular product has a National Drug Code of Just out of curiosity, did you obtain this medication from a legitimate source?