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That is why, when you take warfarin, it's important that you not suddenly eat a lot more or a lot less vitamin K-rich food than you usually do. Your INR needs to be in a safe range-not too high and not too low.

As is indicated above, reducing your vitamin K intake can cause your INR to increase and may make it more difficult to control. Key Lime Mousse Pie. Healthy green foods like spinach do not have to be avoided completely.

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Send questions by email to webmaster clotcare. In a review of all randomized controlled trials in which human adults received vitamin K1 or K2 supplements by mouth for six months or more, scientists identified 13 studies with data on bone loss and 7 studies that reported fracture rates. Do some research on the Net with the above in mind.

When changes in INR are unexplained, physicians should also inquire about vitamin K use. Helpful Hints for Air travel Travel Series: Talk to your doctor about any and all supplements you take to be sure they are not interfering with your blood thinners.

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The higher your INR, the more time it takes for your blood to clot. One green vegetable that is considered as part of a healthy diet is spinach.

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Discover which common foods have the highest amounts of vitamin K per specified portion. Diet considerations in airports Travel Series: To help you track what you eat and the amount of vitamin K in your foods, we have some tools you can use. Quick English Muffin Pizza Recipe: Is this combo of vit.

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Adding vitamin K If you want to start eating more of a food that's rich in vitamin K, talk to your doctor about how to add it safely. You may need to avoid certain supplements and vitamins to keep your blood values stable.


First, you should know that your liver uses vitamin K to make blood clotting proteins. Call your healthcare provider right away if you: What I am not a rookie at is the use of quality pain management Doctors.

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Many people recognize that there is a relationship between warfarin and vitamin K, but often, they do not fully understand this relationship. With an increase in vitamin Kyour INR level may drop. Within three months, the attacks stopped and I was free from them for 5 years.