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For me Topamax took a horrible migraine and turned it into a life or death situation because I seriously just wanted to die! My vision is returning in my right eye but still have some issues with the left eye. Topamax Topiramate Drug Information. It was 8 mm! And I do When I miss one I pay dearly sometime in the next 48 hrs. Some how it was missed that Topamax has sulfa in it, which I have an allergy to. He did not prescribe me Topamax, another provider at his office did.

I take Topamax mg twice a day. I tapered off and have been off for a week. Have you ever considered seeing a Migraine and headache specialist? Most people were asymptomatic, that is they had no symptoms and were not aware of the fact that they had kidney stones.

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Experiencing continued flank pain and fluid retention. Do not rely on a pharmacy to catch this and tell you. Topamax can have a lot of side effects, especially when increased too quickly.

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The second time my head flared up an eventually settled when I came off the topamax. I recently gave up on Atenlol as a preventative have also failed before with low dose anti-depressant.

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I wish I had quit earlier it would have saved me alot of pain and suffering. Using paper and pen is good, but with all the apps out there it is easier then ever to keep one.

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My migraines got worse on topamax. Still continued the medicine hoping that once I reached mg that it would leave, still no relief after a week on mg. I really want my head back, migraines and bones spurs in my back are destorying my life. The side effects tend not to be as severe when titration is done extremely slowly.

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You are right, Topamax is not a benign drug and it is definitely more dangerous than originally thought. Hang in there, increase the dosage slowly and be patient. Should I talk to him about it? Ooh, that's good to know.

As a result, I encourage users to go to Epocrates and check out all the contraindications, side effects and warnings associated with it so you can speak intelligently and candidly with your doctor.

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I met a woman in the doctors office who had taken only 2 too ax tablets and temporarily lost her vision entirely for 2 days!!!