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I had to go off due because it was causing my lips, toes and fingers to turn blue and I felt very fatigued and depressed. B1, B2 no alpha block I find it reduces what I call the "mountain lion in the room feel" as HR goes lower off RX as high as but bouncing a lot When my HR gets below about standing which runs about 75 Lying at that pointif I lower the HR more I feel very lightheaded and more brainfog, hard to think.

I've been reading up on the SE's and usually it does wear off for most people after a few weeks. At the time of diagnosis, she had no thyroid enlargement. I was so tired, I could barely function.

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I trusted my neuro but after the bad experience with the Topomax I became discouraged. I'm now on rivaroxiban no side effects that I know of! I was prescribed it many years ago, to help relax me when taking driving lessons. I can't concentrate on my job and for any discussions we have because of this ET. Don't use me as your example Issie is right After a month she was v worried because she had swollen ankles,breathless,tired, walking was a problem and also feeling really "off"" at times.

I sleep with my electric blanket, which has made my nights more tolerable.

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Answer this Question Report Favorite. Could this be the reason? However he also goes through periods of fatiguehas joint pain, thin hair and eyebrows, fertility issues and I'm starting to believe he's been depressed for some time. Have you been told why the meds have been upped? I currently have extreme exhaustion, but I can already tell that the dizziness from the high heart rate is lessening. I have used propranolol for over a year and experienced some serious side effects such as weight which I managed to lose depression,foul body odor, extreme fatigue,dizziness etc.

I felt the withdrawal effects of reducing the atenolol after about 4 weeks. That's if I can even get the energy to drive at all.

Let him know all the effects you are having including the dreams and hallucination. Doctor said to give it a week Last edited by Lenin; at Flowergirl Last edited by flowergirl2day; at Is this a familiar experience for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome?

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