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Im supposed to use opk starting tomorrow as well as bd. At this point, the color will be white or cream-colored. At least 48 hours if build up is necessary to make the sperm count adequate for pregnancy. But i have this white discharge for about a week or 2, and i can't remember if it could be a sign of pregnancy.

White discharge after period. We have had two miscarriages, one in and one in I have periods like cramps on and off from last days, white dischargetender breasts and back pain.

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After 2 days of intercourse, abstain from intercourse for another two days to strengthen the sperm count. Content and other information presented on BabyandBump. Common Questions and Answers about White discharge clomid.

Common Questions and Answers about White discharge clomid

So life has thrown us some cure balls in the ttc area. However, one problem with Clomid is that it can cause the cervical mucous to dry. I didn't have a positive ovulation test this month, but one malfunctioned and could only test once a day.

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A clear and wet cervical mucous that is stringy and profuse means that you are ovulating. Natural ways too can be adopted by taking flax seeds or evening primrose oil both of which can increase cervical mucous. Could I be pregnant or is it side effects of Clomid?

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Trying To Conceive Forums. Checks been done and all seems ok but i don't ovulate every month.

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I know its a bit early for these to be pregnancy symptoms, and I never have had PMS or symptoms like this around ovulation, so I am thinking it might have something to do with the clomid. I am probably 8DPO. This is my first and hopefully last round as well. Mar 26th, One of the most common ways that women use to help promote the production of good cervical mucus is the use of Evening Primrose Oil.

I am concerned because we had 5 day Blasts transfered on May 6th and I am having discharge. However, after ovulation, the discharge may become increasingly thickened and less stretchable as a result of the increasing progesterone levels which accompanies the post ovulation period.