Does metoprolol slow your heart rate

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I am struggling with a cold and called my pcp and she told me to take allergy medicine along with mucinex as needed. Well, there is really no way for anyone to say what's going on from just the limited information in your post.

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This can cause you to become dizzy, feel lightheaded or feel like you are going to faint. EVerytime I go to the er they say its anxiety.


Highlights for metoprolol Metoprolol oral tablet is available as both a generic and brand-name drugs. My heart rate is upper 60s to mid 70s at rest. Some people think that the amount of sodium you consume plays a role. How long have you been on the lowered dosage?

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Metoprolol oral tablet comes with several warnings. Alternative to Metoprolol Succinate. It's worth asking the doctor. So I would most surely talk to your doctor about the heart rate. Why is this happening? Metoprolol and heart block. This as well as bradycardia are the two common side effects of Metoprolol. Get health tips, wellness advice, and more. Your blood pressure might fluctuate too often. Sometimes after getting my heart rate up to I check and it drops into the 60's, then goes back up.

Cardio swithced me to metoprolol xl 25mg 1x daily.

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I take 25Mg Metoprolol twice a day and Propafenone. Could it be the drug? Children aged 1—17 years may be treated with the immediate-release form of the drug. SushiFeb 21, Like metoprolol, these drugs are used for hypertension and several other heart problems.

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