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My dog has myriad health issues, pancreatitis, hypothyroid, diabetesand is 11 Staffie, 78 lbs. The administration can be done orally, subcutaneously or intravenously.

Metoclopramide is best given 20 minutes before a meal.

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Reglan does have known drug interactions with insulin, atropine, digoxin, tetracycline and cimetidine. Metaclopramide works by blocking the chemical dopamine in different parts of the brain and thus provides a central anti-vomiting effect. Stop giving metoclopramide and contact your veterinarian immediately if your pet has an allergic reaction.

Metoclopramide also effectively treats and manages reflux diseases. Has anyone had that experience? When motility is reduced in the stomach, food pools there and creates a sensation of nausea and bloating. There can also be undesirable interactions with fats and the bacteria of the intestine. Metoclopramide requires a prescription and is sold per tablet. This drug can be used in pets vomiting from metabolic problems, such as kidney failurein pets with gastroenteritis or in chemotherapy patients.

Symptoms of overdose may include drowsiness, confusion, and uncontrollable movements of the legs, face and tongue, muscle spasm of the neck, tremor, irritability and agitation.

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I will have to speak to the Vet tomorrow. The usual dose for dogs and cats is 0. December 3rd, He's doing so much better, not throwing up and gaining weight, but, he acts weird - likes to come up to my face and meow. The time now is Anyone have a cat on Reglan? Reglan is currently not approved by the FDA for use in animals, but is prescribed by veterinarians as an extra-label drug. Seek emergency veterinary medical treatment.

Additionally, part of its actions on the upper GI tract include increasing the sphincter pressure in the lower esophagus and reducing gastroesophageal reflux, which also may be helpful for decreasing vomiting.

However, if you don't remember until the next day, skip the dose you missed and give only the next regularly scheduled dose. In dogs, the dose used for milk let down is 0. I'll second growler's suggestion for raising the food and water dishes a little.

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We noticed weird character changes from Reglan in our dogs, too--ranged from just getting 'squirrelly' to outright aggressive responses. Well, we shall see what the Vet recommends. This product is been very helpful.

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