Lamotrigine causing confusion

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Hi, Im 55 years old and have been taking lamictal for 5 years plus at mg per day dosage as a mood stabiliser. It can do some strange things esp. You people are wonderful!!

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This review analyzes which people have Confusion with Lamictal. Rashes are the only side effect serious enough for patients to stop taking Lamotrigine. All patients who are prescribed this drug must immediately report any rashes they see on their body, no matter how mild they may appear.

This is just my experience and I'm not a doctor. Lamictal lamotrigine is an anticonvulsant used alone or in combination with other antiseizure medications for treating certain types of seizures. It seems counterintuitive, but it has become so bad that I have had suicidal thoughts, purely so that I don't have to live in a state of She was kept under the care of a medical specialist, ophthalmologist and dermatologist who agreed with the clinical diagnosis of Stevens - Johnson Syndrome.

I'm not even sure I'm doing this right but I don't know where else to turn. Lacrimation disorder, oscillopsia, ptosis, strabismus, uveitis, visual field defect [ Ref ].

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Some side effects of lamotrigine may occur that usually do not need medical attention. During her latest admission, she was treated with different antidepressants and anxiolytics but without any major benefit. Anyway, what is troubling you about your memory. Lamictal Rating User Reviews 8. Lamotrigine, along with her other antidepressant medications was stopped. How long do side effects last after stopping Lamictal Lamotrigine.

I became so psychotic and manic. Bipolar Disorder Community Resources. I can only assume it's the Lamictal because this is the only new psyc drug. Am J Dis Child.


With Depakote ValproateLamotrigine plasma levels are doubled. I don't know if any of this was helpful. J Am Acad Dermatol.

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Although not all of these side effects may occur, if they do occur they may need medical attention. She was started on lamotrigine 25 mg daily which was gradually increased to 50 mg twice daily over the next 2 weeks.