Can i give my baby panadol and gripe water

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If you took ARVs for longer than four weeks during pregnancy then baby needs the syrup for six weeks only. Cha DoctorSindi replied days ago 1 Oops!

Doctor Sindi

Join Date Aug Posts 3, No 2 formula - anyone of your choice. Support her by making sure she breastfeeds exclusively for the first six months, she makes sure that baby goes all the necessary HIV PCR tests and that baby is taking the correct syrup.

Vuyi4Sbo Baby's poo changes a lot during the first few months so I would not worry too much if baby is feeding well and changing 8 nappies a day poo and urine.

Visit this profile later to see if your question was answered. It is your decision to switch to formula. From six months baby can start solids and No 2 formula DoctorSindi replied days ago 1 Oops!

If you have any concern about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. I did not really like using the sterilizing solution. It is important that as a viewer of BellyBelly. Ranitidine zantac is generally used after infant gaviscon for reflux.

Prilosec for breastfeeding

Posted Saturday 25 November I may go see his gp. I am glad that you have stopped giving gripe water and water. Roast pork with colcannon and red cabbage salad. If the mom is not on treatment then the viral load is not low - regardless of the CD4 count.

Also I was giving Bella cooled bouiled water between her bottles and this helps soften her poo so she was not straining so much. If the clinic was worried about baby they would have offered you a test. October 8, babycenter. Please do not give baby anything.

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I totally understand how upsetting it is to have your baby so distressed continuously and not be able to do anything. We have gone right through all the processes with day stay Question sent to Doctor Sindi! We have DD her first dose last night and I'm not sure if it's a coincidence but she slept for just over 9 hours!!! Zantac decreased the screaming by lots!! The Inf acol isn't re ally a medicine, it just encour ages the little tr apped air bubbles to join together to m ake it e asier for the air to come up.