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She has no fever. Just my 2 cents, my Pedi had my daughter on Axid Oral… was like a miracle!

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Oh and we gave her Mylicon gas drops, not sure if they made a difference, but we tried that gripe water stuff and that seemed to help her a LOT. Hi, I can feel your stress. I just read your post about a traumatic delivery. Try going on a whole foods no artificial adds or made from scratch only diet with lots of fresh fruit and veggies for about a week or two.

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We were mix feeding him, mostly formula Gentleasebreast feeding when my wife could medical issues prevented full breastfeeding. March 17, Reply. While generally these motion sensor monitors are a waste of money and result in too many false alarms, given your history, would it help YOU feel more comfortable?

Does she feed only a few minutes at a time and want to eat frequently? I have so much to say on this topic. He has reflux really bad but by doing this we have been able to avoid meds. Any answer would be appriciated. If you want gravity to keep stomach contents out of the esophagus then you want to keep your baby perpendicular to the floor pretty much all of the time. He is on prevacid and zantac and he also gets a teaspoon of rice cereal per ounce of formula.

But you probably already knew that. The problem with CIO is that yes refluxing kids tend to have a rougher go.

Minimizing the use of carriers and swings that keep small babies in a sitting position makes a big difference for some babies. The "still not sleeping through the night" is embarrassing. No issues with the reflux other than spit up occasionally, not half as bad as before.

Also crying aggravates reflux kids so CIO is not ideal if you can avoid it. My daughter is having the same problem.

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I am going to put him in a sidecar sleeper to start and make a rule to only feed him every 3 hours. We just stopped the Zantac a couple of days ago.


Doctors kept saying all is normal pain. Short answer - yes! Also, my ped sent us to have a swallow study done at our local childrens hospital and we found that she also had a swallow issue