Is pure oxycodone bad for your liver

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This is the decreased respiratory drive in higher doses. It destroy the liver within hours.

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The likelihood of having a fatty liver is greater for those with alcoholism, metabolic syndrome, high triglycerides, diabetes and obesity. It takes months of constant use of too much acetaminophen before there might be liver damage. Both time-release oxycodone, called oxycontin and oxycodone combined with acetaminophen, sold as Percocet or combined with aspirin, sold as Percodan, have legitimate and abusive uses.

What muscles have I pulled? It is well absorbed orally and has moderate opiate activity, acting as an agonist of the u type opiate receptor. And while there is no definite way to know if I caused this by drugs, I suspect I may have done his abuse myself. Once the fear of liver damage passes, you'll be back on the pill-go-round.

For the best answers, search on this site https: I imagine potentiation with tagamet would mess with your liver enzymes if damage is really your concern.

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The only winning move is not to play. Good luck to you, Chris Votes: Physically you should be good unless you take a real high dose an might OD. In some cases the liver can repair itself. Stagebear Now with fewer opiates! I have seen a Doctor done some test the doctor says that my liver is enlarged and come back in a year and then we will check its size again.

It's normally prescribed for people with chronic pain. Our bodies really are incredible! The first signs of an acetaminophen overdose include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, sweating, and confusion or weakness.

Sign In or Register. Also, most people addicted to opiods, including myself, started the same way as you. On the other hand, with so little liver damage, there's really no rush. The question was focused on weather oxycodone or hydrocodone for that matter alone is toxic to the liver and cause toxic hepatitis.

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I have clonodine, clonazepam and neurontin to help me along with Flexeril. Regardless, the only way to know for sure and to get treatment is to go see your doc and come clean. However, I have taken this variety without the Acetaminaphen and it still made me sick as a dog.

I was really, really, freaked out.

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Reduces fat accumulation, neutralizes toxins, repairs and regenerates liver cells, fights free radicals and promotes bile flow and anti-inflammatory actions. I do not feel that comeing back in a year really has helped me with my symptems nor has it helped me to figure out what is really going on in my body.