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April 10, 8: The good effects of amitriptyline may have a good effect on your sex life as your mood lifts, your sleep gets better, and you can concentrate on your relationships.

However, my sleep patterns are erratic some nights I can't get to sleep and others, I can't get enough!

So I started taking Amitriptyline back in orfor nerve pain in my legs. I have been taking these tablets for a while now as I have problems sleeping. In February, my husband and I went on vacation.

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Kindest regards Jackie Report this. However, 2 tablets 50mg I do feel alot better. Then I got on the scale. Have a look on the internet for other recipes, there may be one you fancy. Nikki March 3, I really can't recommend it enough it works amazingly for me. I was unable to take other medications for migraine prevention and overall body pain. Now the fight begins to lose this unwanted fat. But your doc will I'm sure be supportive of trying something different if it means you can get to a healthy weight.

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My point is just south of midnight with a pan of brownies and a pot belly under the light of my phone as I type this. On my stomach and hips. Hi Coco, So glad I found this site and post.

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February 23, 4: Renee September 22,2: Absolutely obsessed with obtaining or making sweet food every day. Some of these drugs interfear with the conversion of the thyroid T4 - T3 hence the weight gainalso once the weight goes on you will not loose it.

It definitely has a side effect of weight loss. I like the brand Dr.

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I was wondering why I was gaining weight when I don't do anything but throw up alot due to cancer issues right now. At first I didn't notice the weight gain but. You have to see how it affects you.

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